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SANDRA HOWARD ( www.sandycanvas.com ) is a lifestyle photographer, artist and illustrator residing in Vancouver, British Columbia. She lives with her inspirational fiancee and her two pets, a Siberian husky and a Tabby cat - all of whom are a great influence in her life. Sandra's photography sessions focus on capturing modern baby, adult or group portraits, as well as engagement, wedding or events photography - either in the desired traditional, photojournalist or mixed style. Sandra has won a variety of awards including an honourable mention in the January 2010 Canadian Geographic Magazine, 2007 Photo-of-the-Year Winner and 2nd Place in a National Photography Contest at Wilfrid Laurier University, 2006 Photo-of-the-Year Winner at the University of Limerick, as well as Top Student Visual Arts Performance Awards throughout her academic career.

Sandra fills her spare time creating mehndi-inspired patterned works. Rather than limiting herself to only a standard canvas, Sandra has taken on the challenge of patterning many of her own surroundings, including her purses, backpacks, walls, notebooks, and even her shoes.  In January of 2008, while residing in Kitchener, Ontario, Sandra painted a large-scale mural in her loft. A major newspaper decided to write a feature piece to cover the mural's inspiration and progression stages, entitled “When Art Hits the Wall”, which was published on the newspaper's front spread.