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Julia Surba KuzhebarJULIA SURBA

JULIA SURBA is a Siberian artist living in Berlin, Germany. She is a multi-disciplinary artist working with natural objects, goatskin, shadow theater, papyrus, jewelry and fabric, but her favourite expression of art became pyrography. Inspired by ancient world cultures, Julia has developed her own "background" pyrography technique of carving in combination with burned pictures, building expressive relief patterns in a distinctive, aboriginal style. Julia's research encompasses the almost forgotten small culture of Ancient Kuzhebar ( Siberia ), that is why her objects often represent the unique world-picture of aboriginal inhabitants of this culture. She is a founding member of Kuzhebar-Design Studio, which is specializes in pyrography-design, design for music instruments, developing of logos and CD-covers, fashion and amulets.

Julia's exploration of henna design has resulted in a growing collection of work that is both modern and timeless, traditional and innovative. We are lucky to have her join us at Artful Henna!

Julia Surba is a member of the International Association of Pyrographic Artists (IAPA).